Ways to Hide The Clutter


You could call me a type B teacher! I was told for years that my classroom is too messy & I need to get organized. My organization is my piles! While they don’t look pretty each pile has a purpose. I have truly tried to be crazy organized and put everything away in a file folder and then into a filing cabinet or hanging bin. This just isn’t me and that’s okay.

I also have items from 5th grade math, 5th grade social studies, 5th grade writing, 5 years of Kindergarten, and 2nd grade. I am only going in my 11th year of teaching, so I have many more years of teaching ahead of me. How do I get rid of all of this stuff? I have put a lot of time into these resources.

These are some tips that I have learned over the years. I’ve transformed my piles into Pinterest worthy classroom. (Just wait for the reveal during the back to school season.)

1. Save only resources that were bought or put together. Don’t save all of those worksheets! What? Why? How? From now on make sure any resource you download you are putting on a jump drive or on the cloud. (This is one place I am organized) No need to save a paper copy.

  • What about those worksheets that aren’t digital? Scan them, it’s even easier if you have one that feeds the papers. Many school printers also have feeding scanners (where you put a pile of papers on top). Most of these have the capability to e-mail everything right to you. Using yours at home? It can send it to your computer. Simply take your on topic pile (or folder) and scan everything from that lesson & it will keep everything together. If that’s too much simply keep 1 copy. Send the rest with the students (they love extras).


Handmade Fabric Garland Banner Ribbon Garland Tassel Garland in Gold Pink White – 30 PCS

2. Top stock. I learned this from working in retail. This is that place up high that you keep all the materials you are not currently using. I’ve seen people try to make their boxes look pretty by wrapping them, but I don’t have the patience. Instead, I use a fabric fringe garland.


3. Use Curtains. My mom custom made mine! You can use window curtains or valances. Here I used a tension rod to hold them up. Behind these are my piles! I keep the up and coming worksheets & resources here. I may have the shelf labeled or a flat bin.

Needs Filed Bin. Sometimes, we just get too busy make sure to have a drawer or bin for your pile of things that need to be organized. This reduces the clutter on your desk.

Round Spring Tension Cafe Rod

My tall shelf has drawers labeled with each day of the week. I also have an extras bin this way if there is any spare time I know right where to go. This is also great to grab when you have a sub. I  make sure I have a section in my sub cheat sheet to tell them where it is.

It’s okay to have piles as an organizational tool. Take these easy steps to look as organized as the next person while giving your room a homey feel.


My First Blog Post

Hello all,

This is my first adventure into blogging. I am currently a kindergarten teacher and have been teaching for 10 years. I have spent three of those years in fifth grade, one in second, and the rest in kindergarten. This gives me a unique view on the impact of what I am teaching in kindergarten.

I have been creating worksheets and activities for my classroom. I find not one series has it all so I fill the gaps with my own creations. I am hoping to drag my husband along with me to help me create clip art and hand drawn pictures for my work. I have been creating mostly math pages as this is where the biggest gap currently is in our district and I am on the team to work on this. Plus most of my time in 5th grade was in math. I also enjoy making items for the holidays and love to make mini-books.

I love technology and am the Tech Mentor at my school. I also have my Master’s in Educational Media & Design. I am a Class Dojo Mentor as well. (Which, I am sure I will blog about in the future.) I will share any technology that works for me and how I am implimenting it in the classroom. I have been trying to find more ways to encorperate it into my kindergarten classroom like I did in 5th grade.

I hope you will join me on my journey. Don’t forget to follow me on social media to receive all of my updates!

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