A Mini Book & a Freebie

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day this Friday. Which I am very thankful for! Our day is all mixed up which leads to chaos in kindergarten! Plus no recess (I give them some on my own time though). We are a no sweets/food of any kind school so I at least don’t have to worry about the sugar high!

We have spent our time this month talking about family and friends. How to be a good friend which I find February to be the perfect time. Living in the North and on the lake we tend to not get outside much. Being with the same friends all day make it more like “friends.” I am sure you can imagine!

I created this mini book to help with repetition of words and to start a conversation about families. We looked at the monster’s family first. We then compared it to our own families. This was great because we already had been talking about how if we were all one color and the same that things would be boring. Therefore, having different families was no biggie. Big sigh of relief! This is the first year that I didn’t have any friends crying that they missed someone. Tear jerker! Believe me I have criers this year but with adding family to our work on friendship and being unique it really helped!


You can get a copy hereĀ I Love My Family Mini Book

Don’t you just love those crayon rolls? My Mom made them for me! Talking about family! They are on their 4th year! I just put them in the washer after every year and re-use them. They have seen better days but I’m not picky!

Keeping with the theme of love I created addition mats for math time. I created two different ones. One is heart themed with two broken hearts to make one whole heart and the other cupcakes with bring the sum altogether on a cake stand. This is perfect for hands on learning. You can even laminate them or put them in a pocket protector to use again and again. In centers I have the kiddos roll dice to create the different number sentences.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.13.05 PM

You can pick up this forever freebie in my TPT store. At this point I am pretty much begging for feedback and ratings as I am new to this and I think there is always that feeling of is this good enough? Will people like it?

Go ahead a grab itĀ Valentine Freebie

I hope your week is a smooth one!

Remember to roll with the waves!


-Lori from Kinder Lake