Why You Should be Teaching Character Education.

Ever complain about how your students don’t know how to interact? That they have no respect? That they don’t know how to communicate face to face? That they don’t know how to deal with their emotions?

Instead of complaining I say let’s teach them. Yes, it’s true data shows our students are loosing communication and emotional skills. The digital world opens up so many things, but like all good things you can have too much.

So, how do we as educators make a difference? How do we find time to teach them how to deal with their emotions when we barely have time to teach them the core?

That’s a great question, my belief is that we should be doing mini-lessons everyday for about 10-15 minutes. I like to incorporate writing and reading standards into my lessons. This way we are double dipping so to say. Here are some core character traits.

Some of these are commonly taught at the start of the year. We set up our classroom rules based on many of these principles. I think as educators we now need to be teaching our students how to use these principles outside of the classroom. You’ll also find as you teach and reinforce these concepts learning other subjects become easier.

We need to teach students how to identify their emotions and more importantly what to do with them. What should we do when we feel anger or sadness? How do we share our happiness? What do we do when we are frustrated?

I’ll be sharing some of those answers over time, and how I teach some of these concepts. Make sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss a lesson. If you’re interested in giving character education a try you can check out my growing bundle of activities for elementary students HERE.

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