Celebrating St.Patrick’s Day In the Classroom Without the Mess

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I absolutely love St. Patrick’s day! I am Irish and Scottish, I have my family tartan, I honeymooned in Ireland, my husband, Patrick, was born the day before, and one of my favorite colors is green. I like celebrating who you are and having a bit of fun. It’s the time of year around here where we have been cooped up for far too long. You need a little mischief every now and then.

I have done the leprechaun visit for many years, and had tons of fun messing up the room and watching my students react.

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Some years though this added chaos is a terrible idea. I didn’t want to let go of all the fun, but I knew I needed a better solution. A couple of years ago I had just gotten new carpeting. There was no way I could add my glitter trail or risk making a mess. This year I have students that really need that structure and have a hard time without it. Although, they need and deserve to still have some fun on a special day.

This is where I came up with my “Anti-Leprechaun” Spray. I tell my students I order it from a special website. I just pull up this page and let them take a quick glance at the picture below.

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While that is a fake promotion you can create it yourself!

  1. Find an old spray bottle or you could buy a cheap one from a dollar store.
  2. Add this FREE label!
  3. Fill it up most of the way with water.
  4. Add green food coloring.
  5. Add glitter.
  6. Shake!

*DO NOT actually spray this around your room!* The food coloring will die your things. I tell the students that I have to spray it once they leave because it only lasts so long. If you really wanted to spray it you could use only green and gold sparkles and some water.

I pour some of it out making it look like I used it for the next day. Then I leave it on my desk so they can see I used it. The classroom is now safe from the chaos!

Still want to have some fun though? Make the leprechaun appear to have stopped right outside your door. I used these little gold pots I found from Party City and filled them with coins and stickers. I hung them from the ceiling or you could leave them at your door. Then I hung the sign that says, “You didn’t spray out here!” You can get this sign for free HERE! This year I will take it a step further and add little green “footprints” with washable green paint.

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There you have it, fun without destroying your room!

Lori Buren from Kinder Lake

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