Reason #168 to be a Teacher

You ask what is reason #168 to teach? The answer is the compliments! The self esteem boosters! I think this is a big thing in kindergarten as the kiddos love to please and you really are the world to them!

I have two stories to share about compliments from the kiddos! The first one is simply a make you feel good about yourself story. We had a writing prompt talking about what makes us unique left over from our friendship unit in February. I like to do a sample together first, like most teachers. My sentence was, I am unique because I like to sing.

My kiddos give me a weird look and one of them of course blurts out, “You sing!? I’ve never heard you before.” My reply was that I sing with them all the time! In fact, we had a Christmas concert and I taught them the songs. Maybe, in their heads this is different. Of course, an on the spot a request for me to sing is blurted out. Okay, I am not that good and to just start singing, No Way! I told them I would sing while they worked. What do I throw on? Well, Let it Go, of course. While singing my blurter blurts again and says, “WOW! You are GOOD! You sound just like her!” All of the kiddos start clapping and signing along. While you have to shake your head because they blurted again maybe this time it’s alright…

The second story ties in with my blog post last week about PBS or PBIS they are the same thing just updated. I mentioned that we collect bees at the school and can turn them in for different acknowledgements.

My kiddos earned 500 bees/green points. Per the school wide acknowledgment list 500 bees = a classroom party of your choice. We came up with a bunch of ideas and then voted for our favorite. The winner was a hero/princess party. I’ve seen classes try to do just a super hero party or just a princess/prince party and not many participated either way. I decided to combine them. I also added that they could be any hero not just a super hero. (One did come in as a soldier. Heart melting break.) If they didn’t have anything they could either wear a pretty dress or wear red and yellow for our school colors.

Now to pick the when to have the party. This was on a Thursday so I couldn’t pick the next day although I am sure as most of you know party days NEED to be on a Friday! The Friday after that just so happened to be my birthday! I got to be a princess on my birthday! While buying the supplies for the party I felt like I was planning my own 6th birthday party. I didn’t want any of the kiddos to be left out so I decided that we would make capes from plastic table clothes.

This is where the next compliment/melt your heart comment comes into play. The day of I wear one of my pretty dresses, my good jewelry, and my neighbor teacher lent me a tiara. The kiddos had so much fun making their capes and watching Dr.Seuss. When walking in the hallways teachers would walk by and tell the kiddos how awesome they all looked. They would blurt out, “Plus, it’s Mrs. Buren’s birthday doesn’t she look beautiful!” Again, we are in the hallway and friends are blurting out… but this just melts my heart. What a way to start my birthday! The rest of the day and the weekend were all amazing!


-Lori from Kinder Lake